Gallup Strengths Comes to Bellevue


Gallup StrengthsFinder, rooted in many years of research, identifies the strengths of individuals and provides an on-line assessment that describes the natural talents of people. It provides a common language to expand conversations about what is right with people. Strength-based relationships have a profound impact on student development and performance. Mentors and mentees
can better understand and maximize the unique human potential that each person brings to their roles in school and life.
Applying strengths will:

  • Help students learn more about their unique talents
  • Enable students to use his or her natural patterns of
  • thought, feeling, and behavior and apply them to
  • activities within and outside of school.
  • Impact students”™ lives positively.
  • Influence each student”™s achievement.
  • Match students to developmental experiences that foster
  • leaps in growth.

Each of the Bellevue TeamMates Coordinators have taken the
StrengthsFinder and the goal is to have mentors and mentees
do the same/ This is a powerful resource for matches, and
there is a wealth of activities for you to do during your meeting
times. In order for mentees to participate in the
StrengthsFinder, the mentor must take StrengthsFinder.