TeamMates Mentoring Program

The TeamMates Mentoring Program of Bellevue established its Board of Directors in September of 2012. Over the past two years, the program has grown tremendously and is constantly striving to improve mentoring services to youth. In June of 2014, the board members met to refine the strategic plan and vision for the program. The board set the vision for the TeamMates Mentoring Program of Bellevue to serve 185 youth by 2017 with 100% of TeamMates graduates having a post-secondary plan. To realize this vision, the board will be recruiting new mentors, providing additional support to new and existing matches, continuing to promoe the TeamMates Mentoring Program in the school and community, and working closely with TeamMates Post-Secondary Specialist, DeMoine Adams.

TeamMates Executive Director, Suzanne Hince and Metro Regional Coordinator, Kelly Sears were on hand to provide leadership at the strategic planning session. ‘I am very excited about the vision for TeamMates of Bellevue. The chapter has great leadership and a strong commitment to youth,” said Hince.

The TeamMates Mentoring Program makes mentoring easy. Mentors meet one hour week at the school. Mentors are asked to develop a friendly relationship with youth by having lunch together, playing games, working on projects or just talking. Mentoring help identify the natural strengths and talents of youth.