Gratitude Challenge

This activity idea with us found from the blog “Positively Present” Check out the full post by visiting the site here: What a fun way to celebrate the holidays and season of thanks.

So what exactly is this challenge? The challenge suggests you take a picture for the next thirty days of the item listed for each day. The purpose is to encourage you to find the little things in life to be grateful for that we may often overlook.

How to I do this with my mentee?You can always modify the challenge. Possibly bring your own camera each week and take 5-7 different pictures and discuss why you are grateful for these items. You can also make the challenge longer than 30-days. Maybe stretch the challenge out through 8 mentoring session. Or 10. Or 5. Whatever works best for you and mentee. Be creative.

My mentee and I took pictures. Now what? Once again, you have many options. Print the pictures, frame them, make a scrapbook, share them with friends and family, spread the gratitude and positivity.