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McCook, NE: With the Coaches Challenge officially ending on October 31, 2014, The TeamMates Mentoring Program of McCook is proud to announce that they recruited 12 new mentors during the campaign. For the program-wide challenge, 24 chapters turned in a mentor-recruitment goal. The McCook chapter set a goal to recruit 10 new mentors by the end of the campaign. These six chapters met or exceeded their goal: McCook, Burwell, Fillmore County, Freeman, Holt County and Wisner-Pilger.

President of the McCook TeamMates Board of Directors, Stacy Priebe, responded to the impact, “We thank the coaches in the McCook community who lent their names to our annual campaign for mentors and enabled us to recruit 12 new mentors. Their support has enabled us to serve more youth.”

Overall, the TeamMates Mentoring Program has collectively recruited 1,086 new mentors since the campaign began. There are currently 114 chapters in Nebraska, 13 chapters in Iowa and 1 chapter in California. TeamMates has been very well-represented in the national challenge which will continue through the month of November. The national campaign has resulted in a total of 5,551 new recruits between seven different states.

The TeamMates Mentoring Program was founded in 1991 by Tom and Nancy Osborne to provide support and encouragement to school aged youth. Mentors meet one hour per week at the school to provide support and encouragement to youth. To become a mentor go to or call 308-344-4469 for more information.