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DIY Floral Party Hats

DIY Floral Party Hats

For this flower-inspired activity, you will need crepe paper, plastic headbands and some thin gauged wire.

Twig Birdhouse

When it comes to activity related posts, we often times give ideas for crafts that may be for exciting to a girl mentee. Today we have an activity that will be perfect for any student.

For this activity (full instructions from found here) you will need:

  • small 1-quart milk carton – your mentee can save this from his or her school lunch
  • twigs – these can be gathered by going on a walk around the school
  • glue
  • small glass (or similar to use as a stencil)
  • marker
  • scissors
  • hole punch

What to do:

  1. Head outside with yourmentee and pick up some twigs from around the school. While out for the nature walk, yourmentee can get a closer look at any birds native to your area!They can do some more research about native birds at your local library or on the Internet if they wish.
  2. Invite yourmentee to use a ruler to measure the sides of the carton to help determine how longtheir twigs should be.They can also give the milk carton a good rinse to make sure it”™s clean before beginning the project.
  3. Nowthey can use the ruler to measure the twigs and then cut them with scissors so they have a good stack of twigs for their birdhouse.
  4. Before beginning to cover the milk carton, invite yourmentee to cut a small hole in one side of the carton for the birds to get in and out of their new home!You can usea small juice glass as a stencil for the hole.
  5. Have them use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the carton, to use for hanging later.
  6. Now yourmentee can begin attaching the twigs to the birdhouse, working slowly and gluing the twigs as close together as possible so none of the milk carton shows through!
  7. Whenthey get to the side with the hole cut out, havethem cut the twigs to fit around the hole, and also the hole at the top of the carton.
  8. Oncetheir birdhouse is finished,they can thread a string through the top hole and hang in a tree wherethey can see which birds decide to call it their new home!

Enjoy the activity!

Gratitude Challenge

This activity idea with us found from the blog “Positively Present” Check out the full post by visiting the site here: What a fun way to celebrate the holidays and season of thanks.

So what exactly is this challenge? The challenge suggests you take a picture for the next thirty days of the item listed for each day. The purpose is to encourage you to find the little things in life to be grateful for that we may often overlook.

How to I do this with my mentee?You can always modify the challenge. Possibly bring your own camera each week and take 5-7 different pictures and discuss why you are grateful for these items. You can also make the challenge longer than 30-days. Maybe stretch the challenge out through 8 mentoring session. Or 10. Or 5. Whatever works best for you and mentee. Be creative.

My mentee and I took pictures. Now what? Once again, you have many options. Print the pictures, frame them, make a scrapbook, share them with friends and family, spread the gratitude and positivity.

Thank You Cards

Printable Thank You CardsMaterials needed: paper, printer, ink, possibly ribbon or another adornments.

Journal Topics

Here are some ideas for you and your TeamMate to journal about throughout the summer. These are also great topic ideas for exchanging letters.

  • Something new I tried this summer
  • An interesting person I met
  • What I did that was fun
  • A book I read
  • What I did on the days I was most “bored”

Conversation Topics

Here are a few ideas to spice up your conversations with your mentee:

  • What are five words you would use to describe yourself?
  • What advice would you give to someone going into your grade?
  • What three things would you like to change in the world?
  • If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?
  • Name a person in your life that you admire. Why do you admire him or her?
  • What is your biggest dream? What is your first step you can take toward achieving it?
  • What is your favorite thing to do at home?
  • What is the best gift you have ever received?
  • Who is the nicest person you know? What do they do that makes you think of them this way?
  • What is the quality you like the best about each member of your family?