Spooky Activities

We are two weeks from Halloween so it is time to break out the spooky activities. Enjoy these activities while discussing Halloween costumes, favorite candies, and maybe sharing some spooky stories!


Interested in additional activities? Visit our Fall and Halloween Pinterest Board.


Furry Monster Googly Eye Bracelets (Click for more) Using faux fur and various googly eyes, you can create this fun and spooky bracelet. The link contains many variations. (Idea from makes and takes)
Skeleton Finger Bags (Click for more) This is a more challenging, time consuming activity – perfect for the older mentee. The link gives a tutorial for the creepy finger clothespins along with a template for the Halloween treat bags. (Idea from I Gotta Create)
Spider Web Snacks (Click for more) Pretzels, white chocolate, chocolate, and a microwave is all you need to make these creepy critter snacks.(Idea from Mom Endeavors)
Shrunken Apple Heads (Click for more) This creepy project will require multiple weeks because the apples need time to dry out, but it will yield a spooky decoration. It suggests using a paring knive, but because you will be going to a school, we recommend using a butter knive or plastic knive. You will just have to work a bit harder!(Idea from Our Best Bites)
Spooky Candy Witch (Click for more) Utilize a pumpkin, candies, and creativity to make a spooky witch face out of yummy candy. It is the Halloween version of a Gingerbread House. (Idea from Martha Stewart)